Nivid’s 4-Pillar Approach To Digital Infrastructure

Digital transformation is changing the way companies work, and deliver their product and services. A reliable digital infrastructure is foundational for a successful digital transformation.

The biggest challenge for enterprises today is to boost operational efficiency and differentiate in a crowded marketplace. Existing and new business practices must also be in synergy to propel growth.

NIVID views digital transformation as an evolution rather than a revolution. Nivid understands that the key challenge for enterprises worldwide today lies in leveraging technology innovations in a way that doesn’t compromise their core strengths and business objectives.

Nivid’s digital infrastructure solutions are founded on the four essential pillars, namely – connectivity, security, automation, and analytics as to the key enablers of enterprise digital transformation ground-up.

Connectivity is the key to realize the potential of IoT and context-sensitive services.
Security is the sole savior of digital enterprises to keep everything smooth and seamless and to delight customers with incident-free operations for years.
Automation is no longer optional to keep up with the scale of connected devices and mobile workforce while keeping operational expenses low.
• And finally, Analytics provides insights into digital processes and workflows which is a must to make informed decisions.

Nivid’s 4-pillar approach aligns new and existing technologies to enhance operations, remain agile and competitive, and to explore new markets.

Digital-First Companies, Customer-First Objectives

Digital transformation encircles the whole journey from strengthening the workforce, introducing new-age management techniques, and improving products or services to delight customers at all times. Each of these steps has a crucial role in energizing the next one, and the cycle continues to work in tandem. Nivid’s 4-pillar approach is designed to empower the entire spectrum of enterprise digital infrastructure journey that includes network design, deployment, and full-cycle managed services.

It is difficult to crack the competition without agility and technology foundation. Our 4-pillar approach provides both a vision and a roadmap to realize digital-ready technology infrastructure rapidly and cost-effectively.

NIVID’s 4-pillar Approach Enhances Productivity, Serves Expectations

Businesses need to create work spaces where they can witness some of the crazy ideas come to life. They’re the first step towards making customers happy and loyal.

A workspace where teams can collaborate, train cross-department and put creativity on the table,productivity tools, technology, and the right mix of skill sare the key enablers. NIVID’s 4-pillar approach to digital infrastructure considers your team the most effective weapon of change and provides the foundation of superior productivity with secure, uninterrupted connectivity and automation.

A Technology-first, Industry-wide Vision

In the digital era, data centers and the cloud are the new platforms. Networks are expected to scale according to the needs of customers and offer innovative services with high engagements. The digital transformation has increased the opportunities of the companies as well as customers by leveraging IoT solutions. When brands make efforts to personalize communication and services, customers develop an association with the brand at a deeper level. The royalty and loyalty aspects then get interconnected.

Nivid’s 4-pillar approach provides organizations of any size access to technology services to help develop effective strategies and outreach. Enterprises can set the standard for customer satisfaction by leveraging technology. After all, the digital transformation is about using smart tools over a seamless digital infrastructure.