Our Process

Nivid Technologies works closely with clients in a rigorous engagement process

We coordinate with our clients from the inception of each project through to the elaboration, building, and transition stages until the operation is fully in place. Each stage is carefully planed and tested for efficiency prior to moving to the next.

We also understand that time to market is critical. From infrastructure surveys to installation, our deployment experts ensure projects go smoothly and that equipment is running at its best.

While we recognize that each client and their existing infrastructure is different and adapt our approach to their specific needs a typical process follows these phases with their respective deliverables:

  • Project Management: Deliverables Log; Master Plan; Project Charter; Project Management Plan; Work Plan.
  • Quality Management: Configuration Management Plan; Quality Management Plan. Requirements Analysis: Requirements Specification; Requirements Traceability Matrix; Requirements Management Plan.
  • Analysis and Design: Data Conversion Specification; Solution Specification.
  • Testing: Test Approach; Test Case; Test Strategy.
  • Deployment: Production Deployment Plan; Build and Migration Plan.
  • Technology: Technical Architecture
  • Change Management: Communications Plan; End-User Training Strategy; Organizational Change Management Strategy.
  • IT Service Management: Service Delivery Approach; Service Delivery Knowledge Transfer Plan; Service Levels

Talk to one of our representatives to learn how this process can be adapted to meet your needs.

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