Indoor tracking with Wi-Fi

As an alternative to GPS, we can use Wi-Fi for indoor positioning as GPS is not relevant indoors like schools, office buildings, shopping malls etc.

Many buildings already have an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and that makes it easy to install a Wi-Fi positioning system (WPS). The WPS can be activated for the users even though the users are not connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Solution Description

Current Problem

Technology has become a large part of life, as we know it. Our phones drive daily decisions and problem solves day-to-day questions. One of the technologies most relied on is GPS. Smart phone users rely on GPS to search for places in an area as well as how to get to certain designations.
As the technology improved, so has the functionality of using location based services? One aspect that is still not accurate and reliable is location based tracking indoors. GPS signals don’t work well in such settings, and positions calculated using transmissions from cell towers would be awkwardly imprecise. As a consequence, the location-finding abilities of Google Maps depend heavily on broadcasts from the mall’s many Wi-Fi access points.

The Solution

This is now one of the biggest opportunities for location based services and more micro-level GPS. Malls, large shopping centers, and amusement parks could now utilize more real-time and GPS enabled mapping for customers/visitors.
IDfy can leverage the technology to be able to promote and market to other companies and locations worldwide. This can, in turn, generate high levels of revenue while solving a major issue with GPS and location based tracking.

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