Wi-Fi as a service delivery platform for brick & mortar

Wi-Fi DNA is enhancing what businesses are able to do with customers who connect to Wi-Fi and also increase the ability to learn about their customer base.

The technology will help bridge the gap between brick and mortar sales while connecting and marketing through digital media. With the addition of the app, businesses will be able to connect with customers and do personalized marketing to a level that has not been seen before.

Solution Description

Location based service

  • With mobile devices users logged into the WIFI and have location based services activated on their phones business can actually track what customers are doing. This includes:
    - Where customers go within a store
    - How long they are spending in each department
    - What areas have more purchases or conversions
    - Time of day and day of week statistics
    - Demographic information for all of the above aspects
  • Businesses can leverage this data to promote and market areas based on the information. If some areas are slower, a business can look to see how to improve. It will also provide a way to better target and approach ways to convert more customers.

Promotion and Advertisement

  • The app will be a method to deliver ads. The main aspect is the location-based piece. Businesses will have the ability to send ads based on stores a person is nearby. A person who is interested in a store nearby may or may not end up making a purchase, but if a customer walks by and as they are walking get an ad for 10% off, it will motivate them to go into the store.
  • Example: A person walking past Starbucks may have a promotion pop-up for $2 off a drink or an ad for their monthly special


▫ Analyze business performance through measuring in-venue actions and improve marketing
▫ Increase revenue per square foot by optimizing layout using detailed end-user footfall, conversion rates, and information even down to specific zones and quantify the effects of the changes
▫ Increase customer satisfaction through sufficient staffing during peak times

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