Advanced Technologies

Years of experience behind our team advanced against cutting edge technologies. 

Nivid's Advanced Technology Team leverages its deep knowledge of cutting edge technologies and the new opportunities these present in order to advise network operators, vendors, and investors on emerging technologies to help them formulate strategies for future growth.

Our Advanced Technologies offering includes, but is not limited to

Digital Transformation

Surviving the digital economy needs new ways of thinking. We offer our expertise in delivering digital transformation that aligns with your organization’s goals. Our frameworks and methodology offers digital capabilities that build the foundation for your key processes, activities and technologies required.

Our five-step process
1. Shift your business model towards new revenue streams
2. Ensure you switch from analog to digital data
3. Create a seamless customer experience through mobile
4. Sustain your social media sentiments
5. Enable technology scalability using cloud computing

  • Discover: Goals, Key Drivers, Current State
  • Design: Business Transformation, New Models, Future State
  • Develop: Future Platform, Rapid Development, Deployment
  • Deliver: Infrastructure, Training, Monitoring
  • Innovation
  • Transformational Business Models
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Driven Decision
  • Scalable Platform


IoT is a complex solution with lots of moving parts and vendors – the sensors or devices, the connectivity, the platform, the business logic that makes it all happen, the applications, the users etc. IoT technology brings so many possibilities it becomes hard to narrow down to the ones that will have a positive impact on the business and define the various project phases. Not a single vendor in IoT can offer an end-to-end solution that covers these.

With our exposure to multiple projects and industries we understand how to build a business case, how to phase a project so that a customer can handle the burning issues immediately and build up to additional benefits. In many cases they have vertical expertise as well, and the deep understanding of the business drivers can improve the IoT application design.

  • Discover: Business Models, Service Models
  • Design: Solution, Frameworks, Data Analytics
  • Develop: Mobile, Web, Integration, Custom Applications
  • Deliver: Run-time Management, Optimization, Roadmap  
  • Connected Solution Design
  • Connected Prototype Development
  • IoT Cloud Services and Platforms
  • Advanced Systems and Product Development

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Advanced Technologies