Efficiently handle complex and fast growing data with a scalable IT environment

As a Certified Cisco Solutions Partner, Nivid not only abides by the strict requirement and quality standards that the certification implies but is readily equipped to implement these standards, at their most demanding level, upon your infrastructure.

We understand your business need to store, access, and exchange data in a fast, yet secure way using a multitude of devices, which is why our consultants never take shortcuts. From data center assessment to design support to implementing and migrating infrastructures – quality and thoroughness are guaranteed throughout the entire lifecycle.

Our Datacenter Service Cycle


▫ Topology assessment
▫ Performance and configuration audit
▫ Redundancy and failover audit
▫ QoS, Multi-Service and Capacity Audit


▫ Converged network and HA design
▫ Layer 2 & Layer 3 design
▫ Routing, load balancers, optimization & policy


▫ Planning, implementation, and integration
▫ Test – functional, availability, load balancing, etc.
▫ Evaluation and optimization

Datacenter Service Offering

• ACE Planning and Design
• Data Center Plan and Build for Fibre Channel
• Data Center Health Check
• Data Center Networking
• Director Class SAN
• Data Center Assessments and Design
• Nexus Planning and Design
• Wide Area Application Services (WAAS)
• Unified Computing Systems

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