Create a Borderless Enterprise connecting people with information - anywhere, anytime on any device

Data communication among staff, clients, suppliers, and guests should be seamless and reliable regardless of their geographical dispersal.

Nivid's WAN services will insulate your enterprise network from outside traffic, establishing a private, agile, and secure connection among all of your locations.

Our LAN/WAN Service Cycle


▫ Availability, performance, configuration, capacity, and SLA report audit
▫ Topology and technology audit
▫ Technology Solution


▫ Physical, logical, and connectivity topology
▫ Routing protocol and configuration
▫ LAN Integration
▫ HA and performance optimization


▫ Planning, implementation, and integration with LAN
▫ Test – functional, availability, load balancing, etc.
▫ QoS functional verification

LAN/WAN Service Offering

• IWAN Proof of Concept (POC) Design
• WAN Profiling - Top application usage, Critical application SLAs and Flow patterns
• High Availability / Resiliency Design
• Incorporation of Voice, Video, Data (Wireless and Wired) requirements for the branch
• WaaS/Akamai (Content Caching)
• Rationalize WAN transport / existing platforms
• Direct internet access (with or without CWS)
• Firewall, Web Filter, IPS
• Virtual Private Network (VPN) design
• Quality of Service (QoS)
• Dynamic routing

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