Improve efficiency, reliability and reputation. Protect user data against breaches, Reduce risk of cyber-attacks.

Embrace innovations. Improve customer experiences.

In a hyper-connected mobile economy, the threat landscape can only get worse. Rising data breaches and cyber thefts add to financial losses, expose sensitive information and damage reputation. Financial institutions are under constant pressure to minimize these losses, and at the same time boost efficiency, add competitive services and improve customer experience.

Nivid digital infrastructure solutions enable you to stay protected,
profitable and efficient.

Nivid offers unique advantages to Financial institutions

Uninterrupted Service

  • Ubiquitous connectivity through our partner networks
  • Next generation Wired, Cellular and Wi-Fi technologies
  • Business Continuity with High availability architecture

Secure Assets & Data

  • Next-Gen Security design
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Context- based Firewalls
  • Firewall Redundancy
  • VPNs & Remote access
  • Content Filtering & Security
  • Identity Management

Intelligent, Automated and Simplified

  • Real-time insights into context-sensitive marketing campaigns
  • Data-driven adaptive performance to improve the user experience
  • Network automation to reduce operations and maintenance cost
  • Integrated information management options and platforms to simplify processes

Compliant & Future-Proof

  • Compliance built-into architecture
  • Mitigate risks with compliant design
  • Agile, cutting edge data centers
  • Highly scalable and cloud-ready
  • Designed to meet future demands, mitigate future threat landscape
  • Professional services and staff training on advanced technologies

By partnering with Nivid, you can focus on your core operations without worrying about your digital infrastructure.

Our certified experts can assess, design, and deploy cutting-edge technology solutions to reduce costs… without disrupting your ongoing processes.

We enable our clients to focus on their core business without worrying about infrastructure.