A Smart City Solution for Medical Emergencies

Emergencies are unpredictable. When one occurs, how fast and how smartly we can respond to it dictates the outcome. Effective critical care at the moment of a medical crisis works like a thin line between life and death.

At times of pandemics like the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, in addition to healthcare facilities, entire communities, cities, and nations are challenged as to how smartly they can tackle thousands of medical emergencies every day.

The Challenge

Successful emergency medical services depend on
• Fast reconnaissance and response
• Timely, accurate decisions
• A solid support infrastructure
• Mobilization of multiple service agencies like law enforcement, firefighters, hospitals, etc.

These in combination can significantly reduce fatalities. The challenge, however, is collecting the right information in context, and instantly sharing contextual information and insights across the integrated service agencies (paramedics, fire, etc.). Currently, city infrastructures are made up of both age-old equipment as well as new IoT System And Devices, supported by a plethora of sensors types and connectivity technologies. Cities struggle to manage these disparate data sources to turn sensor data into contextual, actionable information in real-time.

Integration of Services and Technology

In a smart city approach, multiple services and technologies have to be integrated into one platform. These include disparate IoT devices and other connected objects, Database, geographic information system (GIS), communication and mobile technologies (NB-IoT, LoRa, 4G/5G, etc.). When you integrate all of these into a single Emergency Management System (Smart EMS) platform, you can ingest, analyze, and share critical information-in-context in near real-time. This helps to reduce the response time of the emergency centers by integrating all available technologies.

A SmartEMS system operates in high availability environments with guaranteed performance. As such, it enhances the ability of emergency centers to make timely, accurate decisions based on most current data and contextual insights.

Building SmartEMS with N-Sense – A Smart City Solution for Medical Emergencies

The N-Sense platform created by Nivid is a horizontal platform for the development of Smart City applications. N-Sense is an intelligent framework for sensing, communication, and decision making. It allows real-time data sharing from a global perspective.

A SmartEMS powered by N-Sense combines multiple tools and algorithms in a single platform to manage the environment and quickly respond to medical emergencies. Medical emergency centers can perform several critical functions with predictive effectiveness:

• The multi-agency data-sharing system allows agencies (police, fire, and healthcare) to seamlessly share data across multiple jurisdictions.
• Enhances the ability to make timely, accurate decisions based on easily accessible and up-to-date information in context.
• Proactively monitor, manage, and track your vehicular fleets (mobile resources) in real-time.
• Location control with proximity alerts
• Tactical planning and control through alerts and warnings (email, SMS, etc.).
• Integration with clients or external information such as traffic, cadastral maps, etc.
• Proactive monitoring of resources to minimize operational costs.
• Optimize the management of human resources – such as staff management, shift management of employees.
• Call center incident management that includes telephone assistance, geocoding, etc. for identification and association.

We are committed to overcoming the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis worldwide. To empower cities, communities, and governments to handle this healthcare emergency, we are giving away the N-Sense SmartEMS platform for Free. To learn more about this special offer, contact us immediately.

Medical emergencies do not wait for anyone. The solution is to adopt cutting-edge Smart City solutions for faster reconnaissance and response to emergencies. N-Sense is a powerful solution to leverage multiple technologies for building rapid responder systems with SmartEMS. For more information contact us.