Top 5 Benefits of Connectivity-as-a-Service

Network connectivity is the new currency in today’s digital economy. Every enterprise relies on fast and reliable networks and data-transport services to support its business operations, mobile workforce, product delivery, and customer experience. But in a highly dynamic and rapidly-evolving connectivity landscape, most enterprises struggle to cost-effectively implement always-on, efficient network infrastructure.

Connectivity-as-a-service (CaaS) is the answer to these challenges. CaaS resolves the cost and complexity bottlenecks in managing enterprise networks. It offers several advantages to improve business outcomes, the five most prominent benefits of CaaS are presented in this blog.

1. Connectivity simplified

Interruptions in network-services hamper operations, customer experience, and business outcomes. The cost of downtime eats into the bottom line. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. Since there are wide variations in enterprise size or how businesses operate, the cost of IT downtime can be as much as $140,000 per hour in the low end and as much as $540,000 per hour at the higher end. The average cost being $300,000 per hour.

CaaS helps you embrace the power of always-on connectivity with ease and economy. It completely liberates you from the cumbersome, time-consuming IT workflows of configuring networks, dealing with network failures, and upgrading your infrastructure to quickly implement new technology.

With CaaS you can configure networks in minutes even if you have hundreds of sites around the world. You can monitor and manage your networks from anywhere, in a single-pane-of-glass. This leads to better user experience and cost-savings.

2. Scale seamlessly to meet new business demands

With CaaS you embrace all the benefits of elastic network infrastructure. It removes the time, complexity, and the cost of scaling networks according to changing demands and business growth. You can expand your networks to new geographies in minutes and without spending a fortune.

3. Productivity at your fingertips

Currently, there are constant innovations in wired and wireless connectivity to deliver superior performance and productivity for your mobile workforce and production/delivery workflows. Adopting new technology to achieve productivity gains involves complex lifecycle changes. CaaS transparently integrates the latest innovations in digital connectivity by abstracting their inherent complexities. It simplifies how you migrate to new solutions and brings the most efficient connectivity solutions for your workforce, users, and applications.

4. Peace-of-mind with assured SLAs

With CaaS, your enterprise infrastructure is in expert hands. Experts from your CaaS provider constantly ensure your network is secured from threats. It gives you peace of mind irrespective of the vulnerability. Experts also ensure every part of your network infrastructure is performing at an optimal level, thus eliminating the consequences of service disruptions.

5. Value-added services at attractive price-point

In addition to simplifying network infrastructure management, many CaaS providers offer a wide variety of Managed IT Services at cost-effective price-points.

You can select only those services that you need and customize them to meet your unique business requirements. Some of the most helpful services included 24X7 expert help-desk, remote monitoring, and management of your IoT assets, hardware procurement, and managed storage and backup. These services empower you to deliver superior SLAs without requiring you to invest in a variety of skill sets and IT expertise.

With CaaS you can streamline your IT resources and focus on what matters most for your business to enhance productivity and profitability.