Meet the Nivid Technologies Team

We believe gaining your trust is a privilege and our core values dictate a company policy of integrity and commitment to our clients.

Leadership Team


Kiran Yeddala
Chief Executive Officer

Kiran is the Founder and CEO of Nivid, a digital infrastructure technology solutions firm based in DC Metro area. His ambition to create innovative solutions to help enable Organizations with their digital strategies led to the formation of Nivid. Before Nivid, he has more than a decade of experience leading technology development initiatives at Fortune 500 companies.

Kiran was honored with 40 Under 40 by Washington Business Journal and is an official member of Forbes Technology Council. He is a Startups Mentor and an active member in DC Metro's startup ecosystem, creating programs and communities to accelerate startup ventures. Kiran completed the Executive Management Program in Leadership from Wharton School of Business.
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Vamsi Nagalla
Chief Operating Officer

Vamsi Nagalla is the COO at Nivid. He has played a crucial role in shaping the exponential growth of the organization with establishing an OWN IT culture. He brings in over a decade of experience in building and managing large complex Digital Infrastructure environments at many Fortune 500 companies. Vamsi has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University.

He loves philosophy and a good preacher, just depends on the listener. A firm believer in "Everything that happens has a reason behind and nothing is a miracle." More to come as we constantly read his mind!
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Salim Bendris
Executive Vice President of Global Sales

Salim Bendris, Executive Vice President of Global Sales, is a key member of the executive team, with a focus on the alignment and efficiency of the sales force as well as the adaptation of the Nivid Technologies corporate strategy to the Global Marketplace.

Prior to this position, Salim was Head of Sales Americas at Orange Business Services.
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Satish Chenchal
Partner, Technology and Business

Satish Chenchal is the Technology Business Partner leading the Federal and State Technology practice. He is an accomplished leader in technology and innovations strategies with over 22 years of experience enabling large and small businesses to succeed.

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Ramesh Subryan
Vice President, Solutions

Ramesh Subryan, Vice President of Solutions, is a key member of the Nivid leadership team and member of the prestigious Forbes Business Development Council, an invitation-only community for senior-level sales and business development executives. With over 25 years in solutions, sales, sales support, and business development, Ramesh adds the knowledge and expertise in aligning with clients, building solutions, and harvesting relationships to become a trusted advisor.

Ramesh works closely with our sales and technical teams to develop, scope, and architect solutions that exceed customer expectations. Prior to Nivid, Ramesh led the Bid & Solutions Team at Orange Business Services.
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Christian Butson
Vice President, Global Integration Services

Chris holds a degree in Computer Engineering and has executive MBA course experience via AT&T’s LCP program. Since 1998, he has served as a board member for Kelly Green Global where he’s responsible for directing investments made in under-privileged countries to provide medical and dental services and clean drinking water in the most remote areas of the world.

After retiring from Orange Business Services in 2017, Chris founded Enterprise Sales Consulting, LLC, where he provides sales strategy and thought leadership to companies looking to improve their overall go-to market strategy, customer relationships, reduce sales cycle time and leverage sales for improved margins.
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Mel Taddesse
Vice President of Solutions Delivery

Mel Taddesse, Vice President of Solutions Delivery, has over 30 years of experience in the US and UK working with top-tier Fortune 500 clients, including Network Service Providers and Enterprise IT Management teams.

He is responsible for establishing and refining the Solution Delivery processes with the objective of making our customer’s experience globally consistent and ensuring high levels of client satisfaction and goal attainment. Nivid prides itself in its delivery methodology, assessing customer feedback and continuously improving our delivery processes and procedures. Mel joined Nivid in 2018, prior to that he worked in varying Technical Consulting roles for Orange Business Services.
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Philippe Andres
Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Philippe Andres is Knight of the French Legion of Honor and the French National Order of Merit. He is a certified Scrum Master with extensive international managerial experience from global entities with focus on Telecommunications and High-Tech industries.

Before Nivid, he worked for the European Telco Orange, pursuing a very diversified career in different jobs and levels of responsibilities. He held leadership positions in various departments such as operations, human resources, innovation, and marketing. He was a Board Member of France Telecom and Principal Private Secretary of the Chairman. He was also Board Member of La Poste - the French Postal Service, Bull SAS - a French-owned computer company and Innovacom - a venture capital firm owned by Orange. Philippe also worked for the French Department in charge of Finances, Industry, and Telecommunications. He became an adviser of the Minister for Industry and Telecommunications and the administrative and financial manager of this department.
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Suman Chintham
Director of Client Services

Suman Chintham, as a Director of Client Services strives to provide quality, functional and efficient solutions for our customers. He has proven to be a great leader with a mixed bag of strategy, consulting, operational and delivery skills.

He brings in over a decade of experience building strategic relationships and delivery models for professional services. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from S.V University. We also believe he holds a Master's Degree in “Make it Happen”!
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Advisory Board


Campbell Macfarlane
President, OneWeb

Responsible for building OneWeb’s global business Enterprise, while working through relationships/partnerships with Telcos & ISPs, extending their coverage. Campbell orchestrated the discovery and the winning of complex global deals, with a specific focus on customers who have business needs across multiple continents.

Axel Haentjens
Global Partnerships, International Marketing & Sales

Vast experience contributing to the growth and expansion of global organizations in B2B (Business to Business) and cloud/digital services while driving strategic partnerships through partners and indirect channels. Axel was responsible for the central portfolio marketing, the brand management of Orange Business Services worldwide, and the external communications programs for SoHos in France to Global MNCs worldwide.

Dennis Kruse
General Manager, Product Development

Demonstrated successes in running independent business units in highly competitive global markets. Dennis Increased productivity and reduced costs by focusing on process management, cross-functional teams, and client feedback. Dennis also led the product and solutions portfolio for two of the global leaders in the Telecommunications industry AT&T and Orange Business Services.

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