Case Study 1: High-density Wireless Deployment in a large stadium

The Brief

An entertainment company wanted to provide wireless connectivity in a stadium covering 245,000 sq. feet area, with a wireless capacity requirement of 35000 users. The goals were: (1) Enriched communication during the events and (2) Enhanced user experience in the stadium.

The Challenge

High-density wireless coverage in a large stadium with high traffic volume posed many challenges:

  • AP placement physical constraints
  • Interference challenges during events
  • Cater to additional on-demand temp Wi-Fi systems during events
  • Multiple SSIDs for commercial and public networks access
  • Support content filtering and local break out
  • Provide seamless coverage in outdoor areas – entrances and parking lotsv

The Solution

Nivid’s solution included strategy and planning based onsite assessment and survey, followed by design, implementation and solution verifications.


  • Assess the existing site layout with business continuity needs
  • Site Survey support (AirMagnet & Ekahau)
  • Wireless capacity planning for 35000 users
  • Plan, configure and manage multiple SSIDs for commercial and public network access
  • Plan for outdoor coverage for entrances and parking lot
  • Plan for content filtering and local break out
  • Overcome AP placement physical constraints
  • Minimize interference during events
  • Plan for temporary, on-demand Wi-Fi systems during events

Design & Implementation

  • Map AP location and deploy more than 350 APs
  • Design and deploy radio resource management controls to minimize interference
  • Utilize scoreboard, roof & gates to expand coverage
  • Deploy 3702I, 3702e, 3702P APs for various locations
  • Deploy various antennas (2524, 2566) adapting to the RF needs
  • Protect outdoor equipment using enclosures adhering to NEMA 4 standards
  • Secure wireless access with portal authentication for guest SSID
  • Design strong handover to support operations and user experience
  • Six months end to end engagement


  • Both the goals of enriched, wireless communication and enhanced user experience were achieved. 6000+ simultaneous users connected during an event. Total data usage of 10 TB was handled seamlessly.