Scalable. Secured. Fully-Managed.
Cloud-enabled. Operations simplified.


N-Things is a reliable and scalable solution to securely onboard, organize, track, monitor, and remotely manage connected devices at scale.

Your IoT deployment begins with connecting hundreds of heterogeneous devices. Nivid’s N-Things enable you to sustain your IoT deployment across the deployment lifecycle with remote management and monitoring of IoT devices at scale.

Why N-Things?

N-Things enables end-to-end IoT Management and Operations

Authentication and Provisioning

Connected devices can be compromised to serve as entry points to your infrastructure. N-Things protects your assets by validating new devices before they connect to the network. The platform lets you configure passwords, certificates, or to define your preferred means of device authentication. Once authenticated, N-Things provisions the device based on its access privileges.

Configuration and Control

N-Things lets you remotely configure devices with custom configurations such as location, unique ID, and other application-specific settings. The platform supports remote programmability and management to reset, apply firmware updates, patch bugs, reload, power-off, or simply to retire devices when no longer in use.

Monitoring and Diagnostics

IoT devices are often deployed in hard-to-reach locations where in-person troubleshooting has practical limitations. N-Things continuously monitors device location, device health, network parameters, and failure indicators to alert anomalies. The platform lets your staff remotely diagnose problems, troubleshoot errors, and fix device anomalies.

Maintenance and Patching

IoT devices are often installed in bandwidth-constrained areas where connectivity is intermittent. N-Things allows engineers to program automated device upgrades with security patches, hardware, software, and firmware updates applied remotely during maintenance windows or in the event of an incident.

N-Things has a scalable, future-proof architecture to secure and scale your IoT investments.

Why Choose N-Things for Device Management

Cloud-enabled, simplified IoT Device Management workflows at your fingertips.

Minimize costs

Simplified, automated management of network and devices lowers the overall cost of operations and maintenance.

Avoid downtime

Proactive upgrades and real-time monitoring of device, network, and battery health detect and remediate faults early to avoid downtime. Improves reliability.

Focus on Data

Edge-to-cloud device management as a service lets you focus more on your domain-specific data to create new data-driven solutions and insights.

De-risk your Deployment

Proactive upgrades and real-time monitoring of device, network, and battery health detect and remediate faults early to avoid downtime. Improves reliability.

Simplify Management

Real-time visibility in a single-pane, top-down view of all network traffic, registered nodes, and their status across one or more base stations.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Out-of-the-box DM solution shortens your build and test cycles. Bundle with Nivid’s connectivity offering to have network up and running immediately.

Readily roll out large-scale deployments and supercharge future growth of your IoT solution with N-Things.

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