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    How a surge in teleworking impacts your digital infrastructure

    A 3-point health-check that makes your digital infrastructure immune during a disaster The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has exposed enterprise digital infrastructure to enormous stress tests. Social distancing and home-confinement have resulted in a sudden transition in how we do business. Today, almost every activity has shifted online. Millions of people around the globe are working […]

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    News Release: Nivid’s Smart City Platform Empowers Organizations To Realize The Endless Promises Of IoT And Smart City Innovations

    N-Sense unfolds an entirely new phase in Smart City application development. It provides the architectural foundation for building a variety of applications with ease and economy.

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    A Peek Into Nivid’s Digital Infrastructure Strategy In 2020

    As 2020 steps in, at Nivid we are ready to deliver an exciting portfolio of cutting-edge digital infrastructure solutions to our customers worldwide. Currently, many enterprises are gearing up to leverage the wave of digital transformation, and that’s driving a rapid evolution of digital infrastructure technologies. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are set to dominate much […]

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    Nivid’s European HQ Aims To Benefit Digital Enterprises Globally

    Sterling, VA-based digital infrastructure company Nivid Technologies has expanded their onsite presence in Europe. It is a very proud moment for Nivid’s partner ecosystem as Kiran Yeddala CEO and Vamsi Krishna Nagalla COO inaugurated Nivid’s European headquarters in Valencia, Spain. Nivid CEO Yeddala remarked, “We are fully committed to empowering our clients globally to achieve […]

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    Nivid’s 4-Pillar Approach To Digital Infrastructure

    Digital transformation is changing the way companies work, and deliver their product and services. A reliable digital infrastructure is foundational for a successful digital transformation. The biggest challenge for enterprises today is to boost operational efficiency and differentiate in a crowded marketplace. Existing and new business practices must also be in synergy to propel growth. […]

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