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    2 Powerful Steps to Scale IoT ROI

    The increasing number of commercial launches of cellular technologies like NB-IoT, Cat-M1/M2, LTE-M, LoRa, etc. challenges companies with a formidable variety of sensor chipsets and the complex mix of technology and vendor heterogeneity.

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    5 Essential Techniques for Improving IoT Deployment Efficiency

    IoT use cases involve both stationary and mobile IoT devices, each having its own set of deployment challenges. A smart building equipped with building automation technologies is a typical example of a stationary application where IoT sensors and equipment are deployed across the building in static locations. If those locations lack good signal quality, the […]

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    Announcing N-View: A Next-Gen IoT Platform to Accelerate IoT Deployment Efficiencies

    Oct. 28, 2019, Sterling, VA –Virginia-based digital infrastructure company Nivid Technologies today announced the general availability of their IoT sensor deployment platform, N-View. N-View is a mobile platform for IoT network intelligence to simplify how companies deploy their IoT sensors with improved efficacy. The IoT market is replete with several RF technologies to offer low-power […]

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