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    Nivid’s European HQ Aims To Benefit Digital Enterprises Globally

    Sterling, VA-based digital infrastructure company Nivid Technologies has expanded their onsite presence in Europe. It is a very proud moment for Nivid’s partner ecosystem as Kiran Yeddala CEO and Vamsi Krishna Nagalla COO inaugurated Nivid’s European headquarters in Valencia, Spain. Nivid CEO Yeddala remarked, “We are fully committed to...

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    Importance of Digital Infrastructure for Enterprises

    Digitization is not a mere word. It is integral to the massive Information Technology (IT)innovations that are rapidly taking over every aspect of our lives. Proper use of digitization opens up new avenues of efficiency and excellence for every individual and organization. Use of digital infrastructure solutions in the...

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    How to select a Next Generation Firewall

    Organizations should focus on the key focus areas and the functional dimensions to have an effective NGFW in place. This would control attacks across all the layers of enterprise applications and infrastructure.

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    Case Study 1: High-density Wireless Deployment in a large stadium

    An entertainment company wanted to provide wireless connectivity in a stadium covering 245,000 sq. feet area, with a wireless capacity requirement of 35000 users. The goals were: (1) Enriched communication during the events and (2) Enhanced user experience in the stadium.

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