Small, mid and wide range radio connectivity.

Cellular and RF are fundamental to achieve reliable, hi-speed and secure wide area coverage.

Mobile operators face a formidable challenge in satisfying the rapidly growing data demands of millions of mobile endpoints. The need for fast and efficient backhaul mobile networks to support LTE and 5G services, while improving revenue and customer experience amplify the challenges.

Our cellular solution offers a combined benefit of Quick deployment, high capacity and guaranteed quality of service at optimal CAPEX and OPEX.

Nivid’s services are designed to enable operators to overcome infrastructure challenges and optimize the cellular infrastructure.

Strategy & Consulting

Leverage the benefits of an end-to-end, single-source consulting services that include planning, design, Configuration Support, Integration & Construction Support, Cluster or System Acceptance, RF and System Optimization, and reporting

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Optimization Services

Reduce costs and long-term resource drain with our post-deployment RF Assessment, RF and System Optimization Service

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Implementation Services

Ensure high-performance and lower TCO with our Technology Architecture support, WLAN, Local breakout, Traffic Forwarding, IP Planning, and system validation support.

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Technical Support Services

Guarantee high-availability and performance across the lifecycle with our Solution Support, Operations Consulting Support, Advisory Services, and Knowledge Transfer.

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Cellular Wireless Services

staff augmentation
staff augmentation

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Digital Infrastructure TECHNOLOGIES

Our business outcome driven connectivity solutions are designed
to satisfy your requirements, cost-effectively.