Industries we serve

Custom designed, industry specific Digital Infrastructure solutions

Industries we serve

Enterprises across different industries have unique business challenges to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability. Robust and reliable digital infrastructure is the solution and game changer that brings synergy between all departments to improve operational efficiency and business productivity.

Nivid's industry specific digital infrastructure services and solutions are designed with architectural approach to build reliable platforms that can be easily integrated and scaled. Our certified architects and technical workforce have vast experience and deep domain expertise to craft technology solutions that work for you.

Custom designed, industry specific Digital Infrastructure solutions.


With the explosive growth in the number of digital endpoints, the performance expectations from telecom providers are growing at a rapid pace. In a highly competitive telecom marketplace, real-time insights into user activity, fast access speeds, and reliable connectivity are critical success factors. Nivid infrastructure solutions for telecom can keep you ahead of the competition.


The importance of efficient and resilient healthcare is felt now more than ever and healthcare industry is undergoing a major shift. Digital innovations in healthcare are increasing patient, provider and payers expectations. Nivid can help you in building secured and reliable digital infrastructure to enable delivery of quality care, secure high volumes of sensitive data, and function within the strict boundaries of regulations and standards.

Utilities and Energy

Utilities and Infrastructure companies strive hard to improve service quality while lowering costs. Utilities and Infrastructure companies trust us as partners to reinvent services for real-time visibility, workforce efficiency and delivery quality. Our solution caters to efficient management of Water, Energy, Waste and Lighting.


Innovations in modes of payment, new sales channels, and mobile shopping avenues are raising consumer expectations from retailers. To sustain and grow revenue in a digital marketplace, Nivid's digital transformation solutions embraces technology innovations and emerging technologies to enable digital efficiencies.


Industrial companies are challenged to shrink time-to-market, reduce costs, and meet regulatory compliance, without compromising security and quality. Align your industrial business with the future. Our smart connect solutions and services helps you to redefine go-to market strategies, maximize productivity and profitability, gain real-time visibility and control.


Transportation of the future is about safer, more secure, efficient infrastructure, automotive, and maritime vessels. Reimagine transportation where traffic congestion, accidents, and security breaches are concerns of the past. We help you reinvent transportation for anywhere, anytime connectivity and operational efficiency. Our broad spectrum of services covers intelligent management of traffic, parking,
airports and marine commerce.

Public Sector

Public sectors strive hard to create better opportunities and living standards for their citizens, communities and businesses. Our transformational solutions and services harness digital technology to build connected, safe, secured and smart cities.

Sports & Entertainment

Venues across the globe are facing challenges in competing with online content delivery platforms that has drastic impact on customer traffic to the venues. This drives the demand to provide highly connected venue for delivering Quality of Experience (QoE). Nivid can help you with digitally led journey from strategy to technology implementation of secured and connected venues, that transforms your venue into Smart venues and drive footfalls. 

Digital Infrastructure and Network Transformation solutions tailored for your specific industry.

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