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Smart Waste Management

Nivid's Smart Waste solution improves waste management efficiencies

Client Background

A Multinational information technology service and consulting company whose core business is in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data and cybersecurity services.


Create a solution to remotely monitor and manage waste bins for clients in Europe.

Lack of visibility into waste management systems such as waste bins.

Wasted resources resulting from emptying unfilled bins.

Suboptimal operations resulted in higher cost.

N-Smart is a single platform solution to quickly implement next-generation Smart Waste management by harnessing the power of connectivity, analytics, and cloud-based centralized dashboards.

Nivid's Smart Waste management solution addressed the challenges by providing:

01 Nivid's Smart Waste solution uses IoT sensors in waste bins for waste management visibility.

02 Operators can remotely monitor the status of each waste container, both in real-time and historically.

03 Intelligent analytics predicts and alerts when a given container reaches pre-defined capacity threshold.

04 Suggests optimal routes for waste management trucks to empty containers at / nearing capacity.


The company reduced waste management costs by 25-35% with Nivid’s Smart Waste solution.

Improved operational efficiency with better visibility and monitoring capability.

Nivid's Smart Waste solution empowers cities to meet sustainability goals, improve service for residents, and reduce operational costs.

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