Smart and reliable Digital Infrastructure is your essential edge over the competitions.

It is a fully managed global IoT-as-a-service solution to seamlessly deploy.

The disparate layers of IoT hardware and software, the multitude of protocols and standards, and cross-layer interoperability complicate most IoT solutions. Lack of in-house expertise to manage all the layers of the solution is a top deterrent of IoT growth. Moreover, multiple point-solution vendors and large IoT CapEx outlays without a clear return on investment make enterprises think twice before they adopt IoT. N-Smart’s fully-managed, full-lifecycle support accelerates IoT success with the flexibility and efficiencies of single vendor, single platform.

N-Smart eliminates vendor complexity, provides single platform efficiencies.

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It simplifies how you determine good network health for deploying IoT sensors.

To deploy the wide variety of mobile IoT sensors such as water meters, electricity meters, parking sensors etc. there is no unified way to determine the optimal sensor location with predictable connectivity SLAs. In the absence of network health assessment and visibility, after deployment the sensors often exhibit poor performance due to suboptimal connectivity. This drains resources, results in multiple truck rolls for problem resolution by either trying a new location or a different sensor. These impact both customer experience and overall cost of deployment.

N-View enables you to assess reliable IoT connectivity to determine ideal sensor locations.

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Embrace the freedom, flexibility, and cost-savings with N-Connect, a simple, secure, and strategic Connectivity-as-a-Service platform.

Today enterprise infrastructure is not just a myriad of boxes and cables in a server room. It empowers your mobile workforce to deliver better business outcomes – from anywhere, at any time. Enterprise digital infrastructure solves your business problems to create better user experience and customer success, connects you with your customers and partners worldwide, and gives you valuable insights from IoT and big-data for intelligent decision making.

N-Connect enables centralized IoT management and operations.

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N-Things is a reliable and scalable solution to securely onboard, organize, track, monitor, and remotely manage connected devices at scale.

Your IoT deployment begins with connecting hundreds of heterogeneous devices. Nivid’s N-Things enable you to sustain your IoT deployment across the deployment lifecycle with remote management and monitoring of IoT devices at scale.

N-Things provides end-to-end IoT Device Management & operations.

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