Connecting things, people and apps for better outcomes.

Transformation of Smart Enterprises and Communities is a journey, not a destination​

For every enterprise, connected assets and M2M communications can unlock unlimited opportunities. Smart connectivity technology is fundamental to digitally transform with the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M.

Our IoT connectivity solutions are designed to connect millions of endpoints and disparate data sources… and ensure interoperability, mobility and integration, unified device management and multi-tenant architecture.

We offer full-cycle strategy and consulting on technology strategy for IoT platforms with infrastructure integration, network design, technical services, and data analytics.

Nivid provides highly scalable IoT connectivity and network infrastructure solutions to connect millions of IoT endpoints to corporate applications seamlessly.

One platform – to implement any IoT use case

Experience the value of our IoT-as-a-Service.


End-to-end support hardware, network, software, and data support. Enterprises no longer require in-house niche expertise to manage solution lifecycle intricacies.


Easier, less expensive, more practical to have management of devices, networks, and software bundled from a single player.


Secure device on boarding, regular software updates, round-the-clock monitoring improve overall risk profile.


Out-of-the-box solution shortens your blind and test cycles. Bundle with our connectivity offering to have network up and running immediately.

Product Suite

N-View enables you to assess reliable IoT connectivity to determine ideal sensor locations. It adds the intelligence on network health to your existing IoT deployment workflows to improve performance and efficiencies.

N-SMART is a fully managed global IoT-as-a-service solution to seamlessly deploy, enrich, and manage your IoT assets and services at scale.

Discover how we help you focus on your core business without worrying about your IT infrastructure. For more information, contact our experts.