Delivering Enterprise agility with integrated infrastructure


The Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Software Defined Networks (SDN), and machine-to-machine communication accelerates the demand for connecting devices, networks, applications, video, voice, and data. But many enterprise faces challenges with disjointed and siloed infrastructures, making it difficult to meet digital transformation needs of the business.

Delivering enterprise agility with Integrated Infrastructure

Nivid's proven model for integration services focuses on integrating infrastructure resources to increase the speed, agility, and business values of digital transformation initiatives.

Cloud Integration

Integration of cloud environment can be complex, risk and costly. It requires careful planning and execution to deliver a fully functional and secured cloud environment that supports enterprise application, data and services. We have the expertise in delivering cloud-to-cloud integration, cloud-to-on-premises integration, or a combination of both using agile integration strategies to promote workforce collaboration and drive positive business outcomes.

Server Consolidation

Our Server consolidation services uses advanced virtualization techniques to make the entire environment easy to manage and improves overall performance of digital assets, allowing your IT workforce to focus on strategic IT initiatives than spending time maintaining multiple servers.

Network Virtualization

Nivid's network virtualization services utilized internal and external virtualization techniques to provide security, scalability, higher efficiency, flexibility, reliability and data exchange, by integrating hardware and software network components into a single virtual network.


Identify and eliminate idle resources.
Unified communication
Performance fine tuning
Improved operational efficiency.
Increased flexibility and scalability
Reduced operational costs and Quick RoI.

Industry best practices

Multi Vendor support

We deliver services to help your enterprise growth with an integrated infrastructure.

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