A Mobile Platform for IoT Network Intelligence

N-View simplifies how you determine good network health for deploying IoT sensors. It gives you a high degree of confidence in your IoT deployment and runtime performance.

To deploy the wide variety of mobile IoT sensors such as water meters, electricity meters, parking sensors, etc., there is no unified way to determine the optimal sensor location with predictable connectivity SLAs. In the absence of network health assessment and visibility, the sensors often exhibit poor performance after deployment due to suboptimal connectivity. This drains resources, resulting in multiple truck rolls for problem resolution by either trying a new location or a different sensor. These impact both customer experience and overall cost of deployment.

How N-View accelerates IoT Deployment efficiencies

Our solution gives you and your customers


The intelligence to determine reliable network coverage for identifying optimal locations to deploy IoT sensors.


Continuous monitoring of RF and network KPIs using cloud-based analytics dashboard.


A low-cost solution to improve sensor deployment efficiencies.


Minimize truck rolls and the associated cost of deployment.


Supports a wide variety of IoT sensor chipsets .


Supports a wide variety of IoT sensor chipsets .


Real-time visibility to ensure optimal sensor performance at all times.


Secure design for high reliability.

Edge-Cloud Advantage

No internet dependency. Measure signal offline, upload data to the cloud when online connectivity is available.

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