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In today's competitive market, the core focus of network service providers is to serve their customers more effectively by using massive network data to identify trends and patterns. However, this is not a simple task and can choke existing systems. This needs a combination of strategy, technology, and network analytic tools to derive the right data to make smart business decisions.

Nivid combines the power of artificial intelligence, computer vision and domain expertise to enable enterprises to extract intelligence from large volume network data and analyzing the mission-critical areas for delivering positive business outcomes to network service providers.

  • A cloud-based data mining and analysis solution across your Wi-Fi, cellular and IoT-based networks
  • A true vendor agnostic service layer through Internal and external API services
  • An application layer to consume any 3rd party data sources such as SNMP, NetFlow, to name a few.

Ubiquitous connectivity has exploded the availability of big data.

Our analytics solutions enables


What's happening on your network and business premises at all times


What users/devices are doing at any time and at every location


Insights to optimize network performance, to provide excellent and consistent service in real time


Streamline Operations

Simplify network management while lowering capital costs with a single pane of glass for visualization of the network, user, and business KPIs across the licensed and/or unlicensed mobile network. Greater network visibility using a role-based, mobile-accessible dashboard with customizable options and printable reports.

Roll out new Services

Offer business customers real-time, actionable information for business decision-making and create new revenue-generating services. Turning the wealth of data (user activity, network performance etc.) on a mobile network into actionable intelligence

Seamless Integration

Integrate with mapping engine for visible access points, import custom maps and floor plans, and visualize 3D deployments to accelerate response time for network issues.

Optimize Processes

Optimize audits with advanced AI/ML algorithms and underlying network layer. Deliver consistent analytics reports and measurements in multi-vendor wired and wireless deployments.

Take the advantage of Nivid analytics for improved customer experience, operational excellence and creation of new services. For more information, contact our experts.

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