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Smart Asset Management

Reduce inventory costs with Nivid's Smart Asset Solution

Client Background

A nonprofit integrated healthcare network that is New York State's largest healthcare provider and private employer, with more than 74,000 employees whose core business is providing healthcare, urgent care and emergency health services to patients in the Tri-State areas.


Lack of tracking capability of hospital equipment (beds, medical and housekeeping equipment, etc.)

Lack of inventory monitoring to manage depletion, refill, replace, fix, etc.

Our Smart Asset solution give you anywhere, anytime asset connectivity and access with enormous scalability and IT/OT integration efficacies.

Nivid's Smart Asset solution addressed the challenges by providing:

01 Equipment tracking and inventory management (tag, classify, track, trace, and manage).

02 Efficient monitoring/management of medical equipment by reordering stock as it runs low.

03 Prevent inventory damage from environmental conditions.

04 Understanding your staff flow and dwell times in your facility.


Improved visibility of assets and reduced operational costs.

Better operational efficiency, lower resource needed to manually monitor inventory.

Effectively track and manage assets in hospital facility.

Our asset management solution offers real-time, centralized visibility and insights to monitor and manage all aspects of your asset lifecycle remotely.

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