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Smart Fleet Management

Improve operational efficiency with Nivid's Smart Fleet Management

Client Background

A leading construction services provider for infrastructure, petrochemicals and energy sectors in Asia Pacific whose core business is power generation covering almost every segment including Erection, Testing and Commissioning of BTG and BOPs, Operation and Maintenance, Repairs, Overhauling, Renovation and Modernization of power plants and related civil works.


Lack of analytics capability for fuel consumption.

Need for a smart solution to prevent fuel thefts.

Handle preventive maintenance and warranty issues of vehicles in the fleet.

Track location of vehicles in real-time.

Our solution allows you to improve ROI with improved scheduling and tracking using real-time visibility into vehicle locations and asset conditions.

Nivid's Smart Fleet Management solution addressed the challenges by providing:

01 Remote management, monitoring, and analytics of fuel usage.

02 Uses track fill levels measurements to optimize routes

03 Display fleet status in real-time as well as history of a mobile asset's movement within a time range.

04 Manage dispatch functionality, assign drivers, estimate times of departure, arrival, etc.

05 Provide capabilities to manage emergencies.


Improve savings in operational costs by 20-30%.

Visibility and decision making based on fuel usage monitoring and analytics. Reduce fuel thefts.

Lower fleet maintenance and replacement costs by better managing vehicle life span.

Nivid's Smart Fleet solution improves operational efficiency

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