Case Studies

Network Optimization

Telecommunications provider achieves network readiness and optimized operations with N-View

Client Background

One of the largest US based telecommunications provider of wireless, data, and voice services operating globally.


Lack of visibility into network readiness for deploying sensors.

Inability to test network parameters to ensure optimized operations.

N-View enables you to assess reliable IoT connectivity to determine optimal sensor locations.

Nivid's N-View solution addressed the challenges by providing:

01 IoT sensor placement based on RF and connectivity parameters to improve runtime performance and reduce connectivity failures.

02 Mobile app and toolkit to determine network readiness in areas of deployment.

03 Optimized network operations with N-View's customized tests for measuring throughput, RF optimization, and ping testing.


Achieve network readiness for IoT deployments for end users and internal networks.

Optimize operations with network testing capabilities powered by N-View.

N-View provides deep insights on network health to your existing IoT deployment workflows to improve performance and efficiencies.

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