Protect your business from threats in today's persistent threat landscape

NIVID enables your company to have a strategically defined security roadmap to help you gain visibility of your information and network security threats. We ensure that your IT Assets are truly secure with confidentiality, integrity and availability 24×7.

Nivid will conduct both internal and external assessments, perform audits for potential vulnerabilities, provide a risk analysis of exposures within the wireless network, and provide onsite support and training during integration.

Security Framework:
  • Advise- Strategize | Assess | Respond
  • Implement- Manage | Detect | Respond
  • Manage- Validate | Migrate | Integrate

Our Network Security Service Cycle


▫ Automated scans to determine potential vulnerabilities
▫ Internal and external security assessment
▫ Wireless security assessment


▫ Network security strategy and recommendations
▫ Topology and functional requirements
▫ Design and configurations for protocols, policies, and features


▫ Network security component placement and configuration
▫ Define criteria for network security optimization
▫ Network security component tuning

Security Service Offering

• Security Assessment
• IS Policy & Procedures
• Security Awareness
• Compliance (PCI, ISO 27001)
• OWASP- Web Application Security
• SIEM- Security Information and Event Management
• DLP- Data Loss Prevention
• FIM - File Integrity Monitoring
• Vulnerability Management
• Network security design review
• Network security design development
• Network security implementation
• Network security optimization

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