Empower your workforce with flexible and secure connectivity to increase productivity

NIVID offers the latest in wireless technology and system integration to deliver results that redefine the business value for an enterprise:
Strategy: Mobility as a Strategic differentiator
Business: Mobility integrated Business models
Technology: Forecast and address challenges in cost and evolving wireless technologies

Solutions & Services:

  • Mobility Consulting and Strategy roadmap – a portfolio of strategy and business architecture services for clients to develop and implement enterprise mobility solutions
  • Mobility Business Integration Services – Custom Reporting solutions and Integration with proprietary software
  • Mobile Device Management –  Secure and optimized solution to reduce complexities for IT teams seeking a unified approach
  • Mobility Managed Services – Professional services support to help clients accelerate deployment across on-premises and cloud
  • Mobility Lifecycle Management – Develop and deploy end to end mobility lifecycle management

Our Wireless Service Cycle


▫ Gaps in the current WLAN Design
▫ Current HLD & LLD Review
▫ Wireless Performance Audit


▫ WLAN RF Survey
▫ Field Strength, Channel, Network & Security


 Planning, Implementation and Integration
 WLAN Migration Plan
 WLAN Design Validation and Testing
 WLAN Performance Analysis

Wireless Service Offering

• WLAN Project Management
• WLAN High Level Architecture (Customer Requirements Development)
• WLAN RF Assessment
• WLAN Low Level Detailed Network Design
• WLAN Controller Design
• WLAN Prime Infrastructure Design
• WLAN Guest Access Design
• WLAN Network Design Validation WLAN Network Assessment
• WLAN Mobility Services Readiness Assessment
• WLAN Mobility Service Engine (MSE) Design
• WLAN ISE Design and Implementation Service

• WLAN Voice Design
• WLAN Performance Analytics

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