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Full-Stack IoT Solutions. Delivered As-a-Service

Edge-To-Cloud Full Stack IoT Solutions. Delivered as a Service.

N-SMART is a fully managed global IoT-as-a-service solution to seamlessly deploy, enrich, and manage your IoT assets and services at scale.

The disparate layers of IoT hardware and software, the multitude of protocols and standards, and cross-layer interoperability concerns complicate most IoT solutions. Lack of in-house expertise to manage the disparate layers of the solution is a top deterrent of IoT growth. Moreover, multiple point-solution vendors and large IoT CapEx outlay without a clear return on investment make enterprises think twice before they adopt IoT.

N-SMART integrates mobile apps and modular cloud platforms to enable customized IoT solutions in a highly scalable environment.

Get Connected
Superior connectivity. Secure data transfer and processing.
Smart business decisions.
Create new opportunities.
Transform your business.
Manage Outcomes
Manage the entire solution in a single-pane-of-glass. Better cost-to-value solutions.
Get Insights
Deep insights from data. Alerts and notifications.


Discover why enterprises prefer our IoT-as-a-Service solution

End-to-end support hardware, network, software, and data support. Enterprises no longer require in-house niche expertise to manage solution lifecycle intricacies.
Off-the-Shelf Solutions
Vital vertical domain expertise. Modular platform to create commercial off-the-shelf verticalized solutions.
Single vendor efficacy
Easier, less expensive, more practical to have management of devices, networks, and software bundled from a single player.
Ecosystem Leverage
A world-class partner ecosystem covers the spectrum of offerings, at each layer of the IoT stack.
Highly secured
End-to-end encryption, authentication, and data privacy schemas secure transactions at every layer and for the entire solution.
Better cost-to-value
OpEx modelled solution. No upfront cost. No termination fees. Pay only for what you need.
Backward Compatible
Modular, horizontal integration. Supports your legacy hardware, existing infrastructure. Full CapEx protection.
System Integration Expertise
Our inherent system integration competency across the stack packaged into a single as-a-service solution offers you long-term growth potential.

Nivid’s N-SMART simplifies enterprise IoT with a full-stack OpEx modeled solution to manage end-to-end IoT Solutions.


Reduce onsite work for sensor installation and avoid truck rolls for troubleshooting connectivity
N-View is a mobile app-based platform to simplify IoT sensor and device deployments with real-time network intelligence for determining sensor placement with certainty.


Ingest and analyze a plethora of data from disparate sources that sync with cloud instances for processing
N-Sense is a horizontal, modular cloud platform that gathers data from a global perspective, acts as the intelligent heart of the IoT solution. N-Sense is a framework for sensing, communications, and smart decision making.


Centrally manage all aspects of the IoT solution with complete control over a local, national, or global IoT deployment.
N-Things manages a global network footprint through a cloud-based dashboard while leveraging built-in pipelines to collect logs, metrics, and network health.

N-Smart is a modular, flexible, and a scalable platform that provides a single pane-of-view for an end-to-end IoT solution.

Build secure and scalable IoT enterprise solutions with the ease and economy of N-Smart.