Oct. 28, 2019, Sterling, VA –Virginia-based digital infrastructure company Nivid Technologies today announced the general availability of their IoT sensor deployment platform, N-View. N-View is a mobile platform for IoT network intelligence to simplify how companies deploy their IoT sensors with improved efficacy.

The IoT market is replete with several RF technologies to offer low-power LAN and WAN connectivity. Rapid commercial launches of cellular technologies like NB-IoT, Cat-M1, LTE-M, LoRa, etc. coupled with the diminishing cost of mobile chipsets are driving the fast growth of cellular-connected IoT devices. However, when it comes to deploying the growing number of IoT sensors, operators have to depend on statistical modeling using terrain and clutter models. This leads to statistical variabilities.

Highlighting the problems most companies face today with their IoT deployments, Nivid Technologies CEO Kiran Yeddala said, “To deploy the wide variety of mobile IoT sensors such as water meters, electricity meters, parking sensors, etc., today there is no unified way to determine the sensor location with predictable connectivity SLAs.”

Yeddala further commented, “In the absence of empirical network health data, after deployment, the sensors often exhibit poor performance due to unreliable connectivity. This drains resources. Companies have to dispatch multiple truck rolls to resolve sensor issues.For example, when a thousand connected parking meters are deployed in a city block, and 20% of the locations have poor connectivity, the number of truck rolls and associated cost is significant. The combined impact of these negatively affects customer experience and overall cost of IoT deployment.”

To overcome these problems, N-View has been engineered as a highly user-friendly mobile platform to install IoT sensors with reliable connectivity guarantee. N-View works across a wide variety of sensor technologies from NB-IoT, LTE-M, and Cat-M1/M2 to LoRa and 5G. The platform delivers a number of key features to:

  • Determine with accuracy the best locations to deploy IoT sensors using network coverage intelligence.
  • Reduce truck rolls and the associated cost of deployment.
  • Validate RF design and network KPIs using a cloud-based analytics dashboard.

Salim Bendris, SVP Sales and Marketing at Nivid Technologies,explained, “The N-View app measures a number of connectivity parameters. Using the test results technicians can determine with a high degree of accuracy the most optimal locations for installing the IoT sensors”

Post-deployment, enterprises can utilize N-View analytics to track and validate network performance in the context of the initial RF design and service SLAs. “This minimizes the need to dispatch technicians for troubleshooting and ensures the desired level of service with your IoT deployment. These are key factors to drive better customer experiences” Bendris added.

“Excellent UI/UX was also one of our main priorities while designing N-View,” said Bendris “Network evaluations could get quite complicated as it involves many protocols and parameters. The sensor deployment technicians are not necessarily proficient with those technologies. So it is really important from a usability point-of-view to design an application that can abstract the technical complexities into simple, user-friendly readings and color cues.”

N-View offers several compelling features for IoT deployment:

  • Accurate assessment of network health at any location
  • Works with multiple technologies and a wide range of devices
  • Supports both stationary and mobile IoT sensors
  • Users can customize tests by selecting test parameters and KPIs
  • Ease of Use: Color coding and legends abstract low-level details
  • Stitch historical and spatial reference data from multiple installers
  • Cloud-based analytics dashboard with multiple views
  • Analytics and insights to compare markets, plan new sites, etc.
  • Integrated mapping engine tracks locations
  • Superior UI/UX design simplifies network tests and troubleshooting
  • Advantages of an edge computing solution. Measurements can be done in offline mode, data uploaded to the cloud asynchronously.

Today, most IoT use cases involve low-cost sensors to measure water pressure, electricity, vibration, etc. The N-View platform has been priced very attractively to serve well a wide variety of these IoT use cases.
For a free demo or a trial, you can contact Nivid Technologies.

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