Sterling, VA-based digital infrastructure company Nivid Technologies has expanded their onsite presence in Europe. It is a very proud moment for Nivid’s partner ecosystem as Kiran Yeddala CEO and Vamsi Krishna Nagalla COO inaugurated Nivid’s European headquarters in Valencia, Spain. Nivid CEO Yeddala remarked, “We are fully committed to empowering our clients globally to achieve their business goals with speed, agility, and scalability.”

With the expansion of the European footprint, Nivid is now well-positioned to deliver key strategic services to their ecosystem partners and clients in Europe. Salim Bendris, SVP Sales and Marketing of Nivid Technologies commented, “Our new office in Spain is a Launchpad for our growth and expansion in Europe. Our enterprise clients demand global presence and support for our services. Our presence in Europe will add to our ongoing partnerships on best of breed technologies around the world”.

Nivid Technologies is focused on providing full-cycle digital infrastructure solutions and managed services including strategy, design, and implementation to enterprises worldwide. Nivid’s broad technology portfolio is designed specifically to accelerate technology adoption, strengthen security and risk mitigation, boost innovation, productivity and service quality, improve time to market and digital revenue streams, and to reduce operational costs and TCO.

Today, an increasing number of enterprises around the world are embracing digital transformation to improve process efficiency and profitability. A digital-ready infrastructure is fundamental to realize the grand vision of digital transformation. Nivid’s approach to digital infrastructure is founded on four essential pillars, namely:

Connectivity, which includes technology solutions and staffing expertise in LAN and WAN, cloud and datacenter networking, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and IoT.

Security, to enable digital enterprises to secure their assets (intellectual property, people, processes, and infrastructure) and to ensure compliance to industry and government regulations like the GDPR.

Automation, to maximize the benefits of virtualization and automation with Nivid’s software-defined infrastructure services that include cutting-edge SDN, NFV, and SD-WAN technologies.

Analytics, which combines the power of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and domain expertise to enable a comprehensive, location-specific way to harvest network, users, and functional workflows.

As a full-cycle managed service provider, Nivid’s service portfolio includes IT strategy and consulting, infrastructure management, network transformation, and IT staffing services. Nivid’s presence in Europe would provide European enterprises with easy access to this rich set of solutions and services to transform their network infrastructure rapidly and economically.

Regarding Nivid’s new European HQ, Bendris pointed out “Nivid is now positioned as a partner for the long term. Our clients can expect seamless support globally in all continents and at all time zones.”

In addition to Virginia USA, and Spain, Nivid Technologies has its offices in the New York City and Hyderabad, India.

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