N-Smart from Nivid Technologies offers an OpEx modeled full-stack solution to accelerate IoT deployment and time-to-revenue.

OCTOBER 22, 2020, STERLING, VA — Virginia-based Nivid Technologies today announced the general availability of N-Smart, a cutting-edge IoT-as-a-Service platform to accelerate time-to-revenue of IoT use cases. Cities, government agencies, and enterprises can leverage this fully managed solution to implement, enrich, and manage their Internet of Things (IoT) use cases without requiring extensive in-house expertise.

Today, IoT and smart city use cases face many technical and business challenges.

“The disparate layers of hardware and software, the multitude of protocols and standards, and cross-layer interoperability concerns complicate most IoT solutions.” said Kiran Yeddala, CEO of Nivid Technologies, “Lack of in-house expertise to manage the disparate layers of the solution is a top deterrent of IoT growth. Moreover, multiple point-solution vendors and large IoT CapEx outlay without a clear return on investment make enterprises think twice before they adopt IoT. N-Smart aims to lower these barriers of entry to deploying IoT solutions and thereby accelerate IoT adoption.”

Unlike PaaS and SaaS modeled IoT platforms, Nivid’s IoT-aaS is a full-stack solution that supports disparate devices, both legacy and new, to be implemented and centrally managed in one unified view coupled with analytics and AI.

“Most IoT solutions today rely on vendor-specific technologies. N-Smart works with LoRa, Sigfox, Bluetooth, and cellular including 5G. It can ingest data from disparate data sources. This open, platform-agnostic architecture reduces fragmentation and the overall cost customers need to pay across multiple verticals” said Salim Bendris EVP, Global Sales of Nivid Technologies,  “N-Smart brings together technologies, hardware, security, and expertise in a modular cloud offering.”

N-Smart delivers the three central functions of any IoT solution lifecycle from the network edge to the cloud – Deploy, Enrich, and Manage.

Simplifies IoT sensor installation
In most IoT use cases, it’s difficult to have real-time visibility into connectivity data to assess network health. N-View, part of the N-Smart platform, is a mobile app-based platform to determine good network health with a high degree of confidence for sensor placement. Post-deployment, N-View provides real-time visibility to ensure optimal sensor performance. N­‑View works across a wide variety of sensor technologies from NB-IoT, LTE-M, and Cat-M1/M2 to LoRa and 5G.

Add new features and apps at ease
N-Smart provides the architectural foundation for building a variety of applications with the ease and economy of N-Sense, a next-generation platform for sensing, communications, and smart decision making. The powerful platform can ingest and analyze data from disparate sources that sync with cloud instances for processing. With N-Sense you can instantly transform data from a myriad of data sources into useful, contextual information.

N-Sense has a modular, flexible, and scalable architecture. The platform’s horizontal model allows you to easily integrate as many vertical services as necessary. The platform integrates multiple tools and algorithms to manage the environment and provide time-sensitive information in real-time. With N-Sense, enterprises can optimize the use of resources for various operations to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

A unified view of the end-end solution
N-Smart’s single-pane-of-glass view helps enterprises to centrally manage all aspects of the IoT solution with complete control over local, national, or global IoT deployment. N-Things, the management module of N-Smart, manages a global network footprint through a cloud-based dashboard while leveraging built-in pipelines to collect logs, metrics, and network health continuously.

N-Things simplifies how you manage thousands of IoT devices in just a few simple steps. The platform performs device authentication and provisioning, configuration and control, monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance, and patching to enable end-to-end IoT management and operations.

How N-Smart accelerates IoT adoption
“The speed and flexibility that the cloud provides to enterprises to quickly deploy and elastically scale their services are very similar to what IoT-as-a-Service offers where enterprises can deploy, manage, and scale their devices and applications without worrying about the underlying platform intricacies or enormous upfront cost. Your entire IoT deployment works on a pay-as-you-go model with minimal CapEx outlays,” said Kiran Yeddala

To expand the reach of N-Smart, Nivid Technologies recently joined the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program that connects cities, municipalities, government agencies, and enterprises with an ecosystem of providers.

“Incorporating Nivid Technologies as a Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program member will support our growing ecosystem of IoT solution providers,” said Sanjeet Pandit, senior director, business development and head of Smart Cities, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Nivid’s ‘N-View’ mobile platform will support cities, governments, and enterprises with its optimized pre-install process for IoT deployments, into smart connected spaces across multiple verticals.”

To learn more about how N-Smart can help you implement your next IoT solution, contact Nivid Technologies.

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