Nivid Technologies is a leading provider of Information Technology services for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. We leverage our skilled resource pool, mature development processes and cutting-edge, cost-effective technologies to transform your business.

Nivid Technologies delivers end-to-end Network, Infrastructure Solutions & Services to leading Carriers and data-driven industries. Our service span includes Network Deployment, Network Engineering, Technology Services, Network Intelligence Solutions, Independent Validation & Verification and higher value-added offerings including Wi-Fi Intelligence & Analytics, Software Defined Networking and BYOD Management.

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    We provide the breadth of resources necessary to support all technology requirements while providing commercial nimbleness.
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    Formed with efficiency in mind, We bring the expertise and resources to quickly mobilize and meet expected client requirements.
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    Capitalizing on the knowledge and leveraging on the expertise of our experts to bring about efficiencies through the solutions they provide.
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    With process improvement in mind, we bring the best in industry practices
"The best solution for a company is the one that allows it to conduct its current business processes more efficiently at a cost-effective price"

Nivid also offers a suite of signature solutions that provide the necessary end-to-end services to address critical industry challenges that are major focus areas for many businesses today.

Nivid Technologies services are designed to make technology work for our client's business growth. We strive to provide you custom service offerings to incrementally increase your ROI and maintain a sustained competitive advantage in the global market. We use modern software development platforms, structured software methodologies as well as employ proven IT management techniques and software engineering practices.

Nivid Technologies provides various services with eagle's eye view to meet and surpass client's expectations and meet all prevailing industry standards. Our clients gain a competitive edge by leveraging our unique off-shore delivery capabilities to achieve rapid deployment, world-class quality and reduced costs. We understand the independences between the life cycles and their implications on the product. We can help you develop customized software applications and our team can take part in any of the product life cycle or an entire product life line including project management, systems analysis and design, software development, implementation and training. In a nutshell our strong technical team can help ensure that the products and services we provide meet your expectations.

We offer a set of focused services under three primary domains: Infrastructure Management & application Management Services. These services are made available to the client through flexible engagement and service delivery models that are profitable and transparent.

Our base services span from Enterprise Application Services, product development & support, Independent Quality Management and BPO.

"Every business needs a network. Every network needs Nivid"

The network is at the heart of everything businesses do, powering more applications, connecting more devices and carrying more data than ever before. And it’s this unrelenting growth of network traffic that’s driving the need for networks to evolve. Nivid’ services organization is comprised of four core practice areas, each bringing a specific expertise and a portfolio of services to our clients.

Network Deployment

The Network Deployment Services team supports companies through the full stages of network development. Services include project management, civil design and engineering management (A&E), site acquisition, construction management, and equipment installation and commissioning.

Network Engineering

The Network Engineering Services team supports Nivid customers as they plan and optimize their networks. The team can support all facets of a Wi-Fi deployment, from vendor selection and planning to project management and optimization. Nivid has deep expertise working with various wireless vendors, In-Building technologies and applications.

Network Intelligence, OSS & BSS

The Network and Business Intelligence team offers services around software development of large scale analytics solutions, systems integration across OSS & BI platforms and consulting services focused on engineering, business & data analytics. These services are focused towards driving operational efficiencies, reducing future costs and deriving new levels of insight into the network and business.

Wi-Fi Mobility Analytics

The wireless team provides expert Site Survey services, deployment, management and mobile client analytics. The team provides services to build Connected Analytics for Mobility (Wi-Fi) a real-time, big data analytics solution that offers network, operations and business insights to Wi-Fi solution customers. Our team of engineers builds custom wireless environments to meet every business need, scale, optimize and plan for high-density deployments.

Next-gen Technology Services

The Technology Services team advises network operators, vendors, and investors on emerging technologies and helps them formulate strategies for future growth. The team builds on decades of firsthand experience through the transformation of the network communication industry and on a detailed understanding of cutting edge technologies that will bring the next wave of opportunities

"Transform your business through Nivid"

Infrastructure Management is the heartbeat of an organization's internal as well as external vital functions. Nivid uses integrated information management solutions to benefit the client by mitigate risk, protect reputation, improve customer service, reduce cost, increase profit, simplify processes, simplify compliance, ensure continuity and increases return on investments.

We provide packages that can be extended to cover every aspect of the clients IT needs, from PC deployment operations to CIO. This allows our clients to focus on their core competencies while we focus on technology and the support required for their business.

Financial institutions work in a data-intensive environment. Our experts develop agile, next-generation data centers that lower your costs for data processing. In addition, we can optimize networking, upgrade your computing infrastructure and improve the rollout of new branch technology with a faster, more efficient build process. The road to transformation has never been smoother.

We can help your institution play out scenarios, design repeatable solutions and quickly deploy them everywhere you do business.

Whether you’re investing in IT to generate revenue, reduce costs, or to comply with government regulations, we can help you discover, evaluate, architect and implement technology solutions to meet your business needs. We work with our healthcare clients to build up and define specific use cases to target our combined efforts in improving the aspects of care that are most important to you and your organization.

Nivid technologies is in the process of leveraging emerging technologies and web tools for developing newer healthcare practice management solutions to cost-effectively meet the dynamic and growing needs of healthcare organizations across the globe.

We handle a full range of technologies, including data center, mobility, corporate site rollouts and advanced security. We’re helping customers explore and evaluate software-defined networking and network virtualization to improve and scale service at the edge.

We make your expansions into new markets go smoothly, no matter where you are. We can put equipment into production rapidlywhile you can cut lead times, generate revenue and stay competitive.

Consumers today are always connected—and more informed than ever when making purchasing decisions. They depend on technology to discover new products and save money. That means retailers need a consistent omni-channel strategy that captures their attention in stores and online.

Our IT solutions meet those challenges, while also helping retailers reduce costs across corporate and retail settings.

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