How a surge in teleworking impacts your digital infrastructure

A 3-point health-check that makes your digital infrastructure immune during a disaster

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has exposed enterprise digital infrastructure to enormous stress tests. Social distancing and home-confinement have resulted in a sudden transition in how we do business.

Today, almost every activity has shifted online. Millions of people around the globe are working from home. Students are learning from home. Industry conferences have moved online. A market study has recorded 14.3 Billion Minutes of video-conferencing over the last month.

This tsunami of network traffic is pervasive and impacts every industry vertical. Telecom operators are seeing a surge in voice and video calls. More customers are banking online. Online retailers have to deal with spikes in online purchases. Even healthcare enterprises are experiencing a spike in data usage. In many cities, emergency response centers are working non-stop. To discover a cure for the current pandemic, health researchers are heavily utilizing AI and big data analytics.

This massive transition from on-prem to remote has made your digital infrastructure the critical lifeline for your business. In this new ecosystem, you still need to maintain productivity, customer loyalty and remain competitive. At times of uncertainty, your company can stand out in the industry only if your digital lifeline is healthy.

A 3-point Health-check for your digital infrastructure

To remain productive during a global crisis, your digital infrastructure needs to be strong in three main areas.


The increased volume of traffic due to remote work, more help-desk calls, video-conferences, online transactions, etc. is a stress test for network connectivity. Enterprise connectivity involves a mix of technologies – Wi-Fi, Cellular, IoT, data center, etc. It is time to evaluate if your existing infrastructure can handle the current spike of data usage.

It is also prudent to forecast future capacity demands and plan for an upgrade. By adopting connectivity-as-a-service solutions such as Nivid’s N-Connect, you can simplify your infrastructure management. This cloud-based service helps you cost-effectively adapt to elastic demands in connectivity.


The network load pattern changes significantly when people are logging in from distributed locations as against designated office hubs. There could also be variations in network load typically dictated by employee work patterns, online events, network errors, etc.  Is your network resilient enough to handle these variations without breaking down? Can you offer your customers and employees always-on connectivity irrespective of their location?

Cloud-based connectivity-as-a-service is a cost-effective answer to these concerns. N-Connect takes the burden off your on-prem resources and ensures your network is always available, resilient, and disaster-ready.


As more people work from outside the corporate firewall, the attack surface expands. There are already reports about new phone scams, spear-phishing, and ransomware attacks exploiting the fallouts of the present pandemic outbreak.

Remote traffic is outside the purview of corporate network controls. Reliance on network monitoring alone won’t suffice. You need to beef-up security vigilance that extends beyond the corporate firewalls. Remote monitoring and management tools can be a great asset to reduce risks.

Times of crisis underscores the need to evaluate and upgrade infrastructure. Digital infrastructure is now the lifeline of your enterprise and must be stronger than ever. Nivid Technologies offers expert services to assess your infrastructure. We can help you adopt cutting-edge solutions to make your infrastructure connected, resilient, and secure.

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