Advantages of using Nivid’s TeleSecure vs. Traditional VPN

Simplifying IT security with TeleSecure by N-Connect – a fully cloud-managed security platform

The fallouts of COVID-19 have disrupted traditional ways to secure remote access. Security teams around the world are struggling to cope with the challenges posed by mass telecommuters who now rely heavily on VPNs to get their job done. New malware attacks have also surfaced that target remote workers and VPN gateways. In recent weeks, Cisco Systems reported a 10-fold jump in security-related help-desk requests from remote workers (1).

Nivid’s TeleSecure by N-Connect addresses these security problems head-on. This fully-managed cloud enabled solution simplifies security for enterprises who are looking for ways to cost-effectively secure remote connections.

Until now, enterprise VPNs have been commonly used to secure remote connections. It is fundamentally designed to enable mobile workers, telecommuters, remote sites, etc. to securely access the corporate network. Normally, the number of concurrent VPN users account for only a small fraction of the enterprise workforce. After the COVID-19 outbreak, that number has suddenly spiked.

Enterprises are now forced to exponentially scale their concurrent remote user connections and that’s when many VPN-related challenges surface. A spike in remote traffic causes tremendous strain on internet bandwidth, corporate remote access servers, load-balancers, etc. These give rise to multiple management issues.

The sudden increase in traffic load from managed and unmanaged devices also increases the chances of malware attacks on VPN gateways. A large number of VPN connections uncover configuration errors and bugs which in turn expose new threat vectors.

VPN security heavily relies on encryption-related processing which mostly happens in the hardware. As such, corporate firewalls have limits on how many concurrent VPN users they can support.

The current surge in remote users has dictated the procurement of more and robust firewalls. During a pandemic when quarantines and shutdowns have derailed the supply chain, procurement is scoured by longer-than-usual lead times.

The snowballing impact of these VPN-related challenges can’t be ignored. IT must explore newer ways to secure remote access. With TeleSecure by N-Connect, IT can scale the number of concurrent remote users without compromising simplicity.

TeleSecure establishes a secure tunnel connecting the remote site to the corporate network. There’s no need for all clients and devices to run client VPN software. TeleSecure also eliminates the need for access-point and user-side configurations. With zero-touch installation, users can simply ‘plug and play’ the solution.

Remote APs automatically establish a persistent, secure Layer 2 IPSec tunnel to the virtual concentrator running on a corporate server. This gives remote users the same experience and efficiencies as though they were working from their desk at the office.

TeleSecure scales seamlessly even with thousands of remote sites and home offices with minimal intervention from your IT department. There’s no need to add additional hardware.

As a cloud enabled solution, TeleSecure lets admins manage and monitor thousands of remote locations from a single pane of glass. Built-in real-time diagnostics lets you manage a large number of distributed networks from anywhere without requiring a large team of IT staff.

TeleSecure’s remote management and monitoring (RMM) lets admins monitor and manage all connections terminating on-premise. RMM also generates reports which can be used by corporate IT to gain insights and to make data-driven decisions.

In summary, TeleSecure by N-Connect is the answer to the challenges of traditional VPNs. Enterprises today need highly scalable, easily manageable, and more secure remote access solutions. That’s what TeleSecure offers which traditional VPNs cannot.

TeleSecure by N-Connect advantages at a glance:

  • Set up in minutes
  • Simplify security by leveraging the cloud
  • Enhanced security with no additional software
  • Eliminate the need for client VPN software on all devices
  • Plug and play – quick set up – ease of use
  • Cost-effective with immediate ROI
  • Seamless ordering
  • High Scalability
  • Little to no intervention by IT Departments (reduced management)
  • Centralized Cloud Management
  • Greater visibility and control
  • Fully managed
  • 24×7 support

End Notes

  1. Reuters, “Mass move to work from home in coronavirus crisis creates opening for hackers: cyber experts”, March 2020
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