Secure Internet Connectivity for Remote Employees

A “plug and play” secured connectivity solution for your teleworkers

The sharp rise in cybersecurity incidents due to mass teleworking is a wake-up call to enhance security for teleworkers. When remote employees need to perform their daily business from home, it essentially means that you are extending your corporate network to their homes. This holds regardless of whether it’s a pandemic or just business as usual.

When employees connect from homes using ISP services, the remote connection becomes a potential threat vector. Adversaries can exploit the connection as it provides the inroads to corporate assets from a site that’s outside the corporate firewall and as such not protected by your company’s pre-defined security controls.

Secure Internet Connectivity becomes critical when a larger portion of the workforce transitions to working from remote sites and home offices.

A solution for mitigating telework risks

When employees access and use corporate applications, build code, run transactions, etc. over remote connections, connectivity must be adequately secured without compromising productivity.

That’s exactly where Nivid’s TeleSecure as-a-service fits in. It delivers the most value to organizations by securing every remote connection to your corporate network. TeleSecure extends your corporate LAN to remote sites without requiring all devices to have VPN client software. Employees can securely access applications, corporate email services, file share, and collaboration tools as if they are working on-premise.

This fully-managed solution simplifies security by offering multiple key benefits.

Bring up remote sites within minutes

Procuring the TeleSecure gateway/access-point requires only a few clicks. The device is delivered directly at the user’s doorstep. Zero-touch installation ensures users simply ‘plug and play’, no need for requiring cumbersome configurations. The installation is also backed by a 24X7 helpdesk.

The TeleSecure gateway/access-point establishes a secure VPN tunnel between the remote site and the corporate network. Users are not required to manually configure and run VPN clients separately for every remote device that they might use.

The solution scales seamlessly even with 1,000’s of remote sites and home offices with minimal intervention from your IT department. There’s no need to add additional hardware.

TeleSecure is a cost-effective solution where the ROI is immediate.

Secure all remote sites centrally

TeleSecure is a fully cloud-managed solution. Administrators can manage and monitor 1,000’s of remote locations from a single pane of glass.  Problems can be diagnosed remotely using TeleSecure’ s built-in, real-time diagnostics tools.  You can manage a large number of distributed networks from anywhere without requiring a large team of IT staff.

Managed Connectivity Services Enhances Security

TeleSecure has built-in Remote Monitoring And Management (RMM) capabilities. RMM helps to proactively monitor and manage all connections terminating on-premise. RMM also generates reports which can be used by corporate IT to gain insights and to make data-driven decisions.

24X7 helpdesk ensures you have full-stack connectivity support so that instead of worrying about security, your IT team and end-users can focus on what matters most to your business.

Whether it’s a pandemic or business, as usual, corporations need to securely connect remote sites, branch offices, and teleworkers. TeleSecure is a highly scalable and cost-effective solution that requires minimal hardware, software, and administrative overheads. Contact our experts to learn more about TeleSecure.

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