Combining IoT and vehicle Telematics data to simplify your fleet operations

Nivid Technologies. Case study


Fleet intensive industries across the globe are embracing technology advancements to handle their key challenge areas that revolve around 3 major factors: Vehicle, Driver and Fuel. These factors play a major role in effective business management and drive cost efficiency in fleet operations.

A research study found the global Smart Fleet management market with an estimated size of USD $525 Billion in 2019 is expected to reach $900 Billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% from 2019 to 2027.

Case Study

Our client provides construction services to critical sectors like energy, petrochemicals, and infrastructure. In the power generation sector, their services cover almost every segment, including erection, testing, commissioning of the boiler, turbine, generator (BTG), and balance of plant (BoP), and all other aspects of operations and maintenance related civil works.

Our client, a forward-thinking organization and early adaptor of technology, engaged us to architect a solution to address their business challenges in Fleet operations. Construction industry fleet operations are different from other industries. In addition to fleet operations, tracking and tracing of assets that are fitted in the trucks also holds equal importance. During the discovery stage, we identified our clients’ key business challenges that had direct business and cost implications:

  • Fleet managers time is consumed in tracking vehicles and equipment because of non-availability of a real-time tracking system.
  • Fuel expenses did not correlate with actual trip distance.
  • Reduced Fleet lifetime, because of missing periodic vehicle maintenance schedule.
  • Lack of vehicle data and analytical capabilities to make business decisions.


We implemented our flagship platform N-Smart’s Smart Fleet management, a modular, flexible, and scalable solution providing a single pane view for an end-to-end visibility of fleet operations. Our solution combines the power of IoT and Telematics to collect real-time vehicle data feed, that is consolidated and analyzed over an AI power cloud application, providing greater visibility and efficiency of fleet operations.

N-Smart’s Smart Fleet management turns data from a myriad of sources into useful, contextual information for Fleet managers to act upon quickly and effectively. N-Smart comes with operational dashboards, complex event processing and integration capabilities (sensors, 3rd party hardware, BLE tags, live maps) that never lets your fleet out of sight.


N-Smart’s feature-rich Smart Fleet management helped our client improve scheduling and tracking using real-time visibility into vehicle locations and asset conditions. Nivid’s Smart Fleet management solution addressed the challenges by providing a wide range of features to our client that includes:

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