Future Ready Digital Infrastructure Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

The importance of efficient and resilient healthcare is felt now more than ever, and the healthcare industry is undergoing a major shift.  

Digital innovations in healthcare are now increasingly important to ensure the continued wellbeing of patients around the world. However, digital innovations in healthcare are also increasing patient, provider and payers’ expectations.  

Traditional infrastructure was not designed to meet the new demands of digital healthcare. Utilizing interconnected medical devices and other smarts require next-gen secure network connectivity, sufficient network coverage, ability to scale services with automation, and advanced analytics that enable timely, data-driven decisions.  

For healthcare CIOs and IT leaders, the road to clinical innovations heavily relies on a reliable, future ready digital infrastructure solution. The four pillars of such a solution are network connectivity, security, automation, and analytics. 

Reliable Network Connectivity 

Service disruptions are unacceptable in any critical care scenario. Therefore, a digital healthcare infrastructure must be disaster-ready and designed to offer uninterrupted services. In addition, the infrastructure needs to be robust enough to reliably respond to emergency medical requests and 24X7 remote patient monitoring services. 

Medical applications using video, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, etc. heavily rely on broadband, wired, and wireless capabilities. Next-gen digital infrastructure, using advanced wired and wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, 4G/5G Cellular, SDWAN, etc., resolve your infrastructure problems. In addition, these solutions ensure cutting-edge network performance to support advanced healthcare applications.  

A future-proof infrastructure also helps you leverage digital technologies to reliably connect multiple remote sites, patient homes, satellite clinics, etc.  

Partnering with a world-class digital infrastructure provider ensures you have the right mix of network connectivity toolset for innovative healthcare solutions and better ecosystem and patient outcomes.  

Robust infrastructure enhances security 

In a healthcare infrastructure, security involves more than sensitive data protection. Secure connectivity to remote sites, network perimeter protection (IDS/IPS), malware management, patching, regular system upgrades, etc., are essential to ensure safe operations, data privacy, and regulatory compliance. 

Outdated systems in hospitals have been repeatedly targeted. As more cyberattacks target healthcare institutions and hospitals, security cannot be an afterthought. 

Your digital investment must ensure that your infrastructure solution partner has robust network defenses baked into the design. World-class security keeps your infrastructure updated automatically to guarantee peace of mind irrespective of the vulnerability. 

Efficiencies of elastic growth and automation 

Today enterprise infrastructure is not just a myriad of boxes and cables in a server room. It empowers your mobile workforce, doctors, nurses, and medical researchers to deliver innovative solutions and services from anywhere, at any time. 

Cumbersome network tools and time-consuming administrative overheads compromise productivity. Cloud-enabled digital infrastructure solutions offer faster provisioning, elastic growth, remote monitoring, and management capabilities that significantly increase performance and drive down lifecycle costs.  

Value of Analytics 

Healthcare providers generate large volumes of data including patient data, administrative data, research and development data, and clinical data that come from multiple sources.  

Healthcare data analytics can potentially reduce the treatment cost, analyze patient’s medical history, predict disease, and improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. An integrated digital infrastructure establishes the framework to harness data and gain valuable insights for data-driven decision-making. 

Developing an effective approach to health innovation 

In recent years, healthcare enterprises had to sustain unprecedented levels of disruptions. In addition to a pandemic, a Gartner study shows 63% of healthcare providers faced disruptive triggers, including cost vs. funding constraints, regulatory pressures, evolving workforce, and shifting customer demands.   

Leading healthcare companies respond to disruption with digital initiatives and investments in infrastructure that enable new business models and address the challenges of increasing demand and escalating costs.  

Nivid Technologies is committed to empowering your digital journey 

Nivid’s Digital Infrastructure solution provided anywhere, anytime connectivity and secure access to one of the largest healthcare providers in the US with more than 74,000 employees across multiple sites and 250,000+ medical assets. By harnessing wireless connectivity, sensor data, and advanced analytics, Nivid’s solution powered our client to become digitally innovative by overcoming connectivity and wall-to-wall asset management challenges.   

A robust approach to underlying IT infrastructure and healthcare processes improves hospital efficiency, employee productivity, and patient outcomes. With a complex, fragmented global ecosystem spanning public and private organizations, distributed partners, and supply chain, Nivid can help accelerate your digital innovation initiatives with robust infrastructure and advanced analytics solutions. In addition, our reliable, robust, and HIPAA-compliant solutions enable CIOs to lead their healthcare organizations’ mission to maximum impact successfully. 

Upgrade to the future 

Nivid can help you in building secured and reliable digital infrastructure to enable delivery of quality care, secure high volumes of sensitive data, and function within the strict boundaries of regulations and standards. 

Nivid’s next-generation connectivity and IoT solutions enable a cohesive ecosystem connecting employees, healthcare providers, medical assets, and patients to transform the way your environment operates and delivers healthcare services. We provide connectivity modernization, smart IoT solutions, data analytics, cloud and virtualization, infrastructure management, strategy, and consulting.  

To learn more, contact our team of experts.

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