Smart Hospital

Recent pandemic has changed the way business are done in various sectors including Healthcare. Healthcare providers are facing numerous challenges, including reduction in footfalls due to fear of infection, steep decline in revenues, and other cascading effects. This drives the need for embracing technology innovations to re-align care delivery strategies to grow business.

On a global stage, we have witnessed a huge shift in the ways hospitals deliver care services leveraging technologies to achieve business goals. Data is the backbone of any “Smart” initiatives. Success of these initiatives depends on the orchestration of collecting, processing of real-time data from medical equipments, patients, assets, people, environment, inventory, and distributing information over mobile and web applications to make strategic decisions for better healthcare outcomes.

Nivid’s N-Smart is a comprehensive platform to transform your hospital into a Smart Hospital, by intelligently orchestrating networks, sensors, devices, data, and systems for expanding service capabilities, enhancing operational & workforce efficiency, cost optimization, improving clinical outcomes, superior customer experience, and proactive patient care.

N-Smart uses a lifecycle-based approach consisting of Three (3) phases. First- Deployment and Connectivity; Second- Data Management, Applications and Analytics; Third- Operations and Management. The framework is an intelligent network of smart connected objects that transmit data using various communication technologies to a centralized platform for processing and distribution. Few of the many use cases supported by N-Smart includes:

Service Areas



  • Admission & Appointment
  • Remote Care
  • Real-Time Location tracker


  • Medical records digitization
  • Tele consulting
  • Patient Remote monitoring & care

OT & ICU’s

  • Infection control
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Environment condition management

Clinical Labs

  • Diagnostics record storage
  • Data Research
  • Image Analytics


  • Smart Waste
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Buildings

Front Desk

  • Self-Check In
  • Location – Routing
  • Staff Attendance


  • Route optimization
  • Asset Tracking
  • Emergency Response


  • Stock Management (Equipment’s, Consumables and Supplies)
  • Stock Taking
  • Theft prevention


  • Optimized Order Picking
  • Stock taking
  • Bedside medicine delivery

Upgrade to the future

Nivid can help you in building secured and future-proof digital infrastructure to create sustainable new care models within the strict boundaries of regulations and standards. We provide infrastructure and connectivity modernization, smart IoT solutions, data analytics, strategy, and consulting services. Connect with our experts now and explore Smart solutions for your hospital.

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