Accelerating IoT Adoption with N-Smart – Part 2

Nivid’s N-Smart is an IoT-as-a-Service platform that provides a single-pane-of-glass view for end-to-end IoT solutions in highly scaled environments. The solution delivers the three essential functions of an IoT solution lifecycle – Deploy, Enrich and Manage – from the network edge to the cloud.

Simplifying IoT deployments
Efficient sensor deployment is one of the key success factors in every IoT investment and that’s where most enterprises face challenges. IoT sensors are typically installed in hard-to-access locations. When a sensor exhibits sub-optimal performance due to network connectivity, it is difficult to identify the root-cause of the problem.

In the majority of cases, it’s difficult to have real-time visibility into connectivity data to assess network health. Technicians may need to try a different location, hoping for better wireless connectivity, or may need to replace the sensor itself. In such trial-and-error methodology, multiple truck rolls could be needed before the problem gets identified and rectified. This negatively impacts both OpEx and TCO and skews inventory management.

N-Smart offers N-View, a mobile app-based platform that simplifies how you determine good network health while deploying IoT sensors with a high degree of confidence. After deployment, N-View gives real-time visibility to ensure optimal sensor performance. N­‑View works across a wide variety of sensor technologies from NB-IoT, LTE-M and Cat-M1/M2 to LoRa and 5G. The platform offers key capabilities to:

  • Determine with accuracy optimal locations to deploy IoT sensors based on network coverage intelligence.
  • Reduce truck rolls and the associated cost of deployment.
  • Validate RF design and network KPIs using a cloud-based analytics dashboard.

N-View is a low-cost solution to improve IoT sensor deployment efficiencies.

Enriching features for better outcomes
N-Smart provides the architectural foundation for building a variety of applications with the ease and economy of N-Sense, a next-generation platform for sensing, communications and smart decision making. The powerful platform can ingest and analyze data from disparate sources that sync with cloud instances for processing. With N-Sense you can instantly transform data from a myriad of data sources into useful, contextual information.

N-Sense has a modular, flexible and scalable architecture. The platform’s horizontal model allows you to easily integrate as many vertical services as necessary. The platform integrates multiple tools and algorithms to manage the environment and provide time-sensitive information in real-time. With N-Sense, enterprises can optimize the use of resources for various operations to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Key N-Sense features at a glance:

  • Data Analytics
  • Real-time Sensor Maps
  • Dashboards in a Single-pane-of-glass
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Open APIs
  • GIS
  • Cybersecurity built-in
  • Device Monitoring/Management
  • Network Management
  • Back Office and more

N-Sense marks a new evolution in IoT innovations by empowering enterprises with better ways to connect people, places and things.

Enhancing device management
N-Smart’s single-pane-of-glass view helps enterprises to centrally manage all aspects of the IoT solution with complete control over local, national, or global IoT deployment. N-Things, the management module of N-Smart, manages a global network footprint through a cloud-based dashboard while leveraging built-in pipelines to collect logs, metrics and network health continuously.

N-Things simplifies how you manage thousands of IoT devices in just a few simple steps. The platform performs device authentication and provisioning, configuration and control, monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance and patching to enable end-to-end IoT management and operations.

N-Things OpEx-modelled automated device management service helps enterprises to minimize cost and accelerate time-to-market.

How N-Smart accelerates IoT adoption
In a previous blog, we discussed barriers slowing the pace of IoT adoption in enterprises. N-Smart is designed to dissolve these barriers with a fully managed IoT-as-a-Service model that offers many attractive business benefits.

The fully managed solution offers end-to-end support of hardware, network, software and data support. Enterprises no longer require in-house niche expertise to manage solution lifecycle intricacies.

Single vendor efficacy enables easier, less expensive and more practical management of devices, networks and software bundled from a single player.

N-Smart ensures multi-layer security with end-to-end encryption, authentication and data privacy schemas that secure transactions at every layer and for the entire solution.

The backward-compatible solution ensures CapEx investment protection as it supports your legacy hardware and existing infrastructure.

Enterprises can leverage the modular platform to create commercial off-the-shelf vertical solutions showcasing vital vertical domain expertise.

N-Smart offers a unique ecosystem vantage as its world-class partners cover the entire spectrum of offerings, at each layer of the IoT stack.

Enterprises get better cost-to-value. The OpEx modeled solution has no upfront cost. No termination fees. Pay for only what you need.

Nivid’s inherent system integration competency across the stack packaged into a single as-a-service solution offers you long-term growth potential.

To learn more about how N-Smart can help you implement your next IoT solution, contact our team of experts.

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