A Smart City Platform for Sustainable Outcomes

A Smart City Platform for Sustainable Outcomes

Powerful analytics. Timely, accurate decisions. Lower operational costs. Greater flexibility. Lower risks.

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N-Sense empowers organizations to realize the endless promises of IoT and Smart City innovations.

Smart decisions create smart cities. Information in context is a fundamental necessity to drive smart decisions and sustainable outcomes. Today, city infrastructures are made up of both age-old equipment as well as new IoT systems, supported by a plethora of sensor types  and connectivity technologies. This creates a big challenge for smart city enterprises trying to unleash the power of data . Cities struggle to manage the disparate data sources to turn sensor data into contextual, actionable information in real-time.

N-Sense is a next-generation solution converging multiple technologies into one platform. It turns data from a myriad of data sources into useful, contextual information for people to act upon quickly and effectively.

Why N-Sense?

Discover Why Cities and Communities around the world opt for N-Sense

Improved Operations
Best-of-breed technologies (database, GIS, mobility, etc.) combined in a unified environment improves operations and management efficiencies. N-Sense is a powerful foundation for context-rich applications for optimizing resource utilization, asset management, citizen engagement, safety, security, and more.
Anywhere, Always on
N-Sense offers guaranteed SLAs to handle mission-critical emergencies and to safeguard citizens. The platform is specially designed to work 24/7 for high-availability and critical environments.
Smart Response
Power analytics and data visualization transform raw sensor data into actionable insights in a single pane of glass. N-Sense enables timely, accurate decisions by combining real-time data from parking, lighting, traffic, etc. from around the city to proactively address challenges, reduce risks, lower costs, and to operate more efficiently.
Scale Seamlessly
Modular design can simultaneously support multiple city councils, public and private agencies, emergency taskforce, etc.
Greater Flexibility
Dynamically monitor, track, and manage both mobile and fixed assets and personnel. Command and control mobile resources with real-time location-based sensor maps and customized, automated alerts and notifications for tactical planning and environment control.
Open Ecosystem
Open APIs allow third-party software vendors and city application developers to plug into the management infrastructure to provide a wide range of public services and smart city capabilities.

N-Sense Platform is the infrastructural foundation for Smart City architectures

Data Analytics

Real-time Sensor Maps

Dashboards in a Single-pane-of-glass

Alerts and Notifications

Open APIs


Cybersecurity built-in

Device Monitoring/Management

Network Management

Back Office and more…

N-Sense acts as the Intelligent Heart of the Smart City

It is the central framework for sensing, communications, and intelligent decision making.

Create new opportunities for cities, communities, and businesses with the ease and economy of N-Sense.

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